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DaliSan Services

DaliSan provides translation and interpretation services into and from French, English, Italian and Serbian.

  • Translation

    Translation and proofreading of all kind of texts and documents, web sites, applications and social media contents.

  • Dalisan est traducteur à toulouse


    Different types of interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered) depending on the context: conferences, meetings, seminars.

What my clients say

  • Sanja is a very professional, puntual and skillful simultaneous interpreter.

    Anna Ertola, Languages Point
  • Sanja is a really good translator. Very relaxed and she used different methods. With her background
    the perfect translator in the world of elite sports.

    Hakkers Stephan, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Fields of expertise

My education has given me the basis in various sectors but during my career I specialized in certain areas more than others.